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All contributors retain all rights to their contributions.  In other words, if you wrote it, you own it.  Sign your work and include a copyright notice if you want to (I strongly encourage you to do this!).  If you’re unclear about the whole concept, check out this link:

Submission Standards

The purpose of this blog is to give other professional players as well as myself a place to growl and complain about the worst gigs we’ve ever had to suffer through. While I have a fair share of my own horror stories to share fairly, I’m just as interested in hearing from others. However, there are certain rules that apply here:

  • This forum is primarily for working musicians. If you’re a friend, wife, roadie, hanger-on, landlord, parent, guardian, significant other, favorite furry pet, Siamese twin or Parole Officer of a working musician, you don’t really count and your story will be treated with suspicion and a quick bath in formaldehyde. On the other hand, if you’re a sympathetic soul who witnessed a soul-sucking situation and feel moved to relate it here because the musician(s) in question could not, by all means do so and I’ll consider publishing it.  If I like it, it flies; if I don’t, you will receive a politely worded rejection note and your submission will fall helplessly to its demise in the Bit Bucket, but that’s all. No salesmen will come to your home.
  • Keep it real.  Please do not post something that happened only in a pot-induced stupor or sleep-deprivation-generated fog.  If the way you’re writing it really happened that way, write it up.  If it didn’t, don’t.
  • Stay on topic.  I don’t care who you love, hate, despise, revere, worship or abhor; I don’t care if you’ve never met a guitar player who wasn’t stuck up, or an owner who wasn’t a jerk–if it’s not part of the story, don’t put it on my blog.  When in doubt, look at the title of the blog.  If your story doesn’t connect to it, send it to Penthouse Letters.
  • Keep it short.  500 words is a good length, especially if they’re not all the same word.
  • It’s my intention to have a little fun, vent some steam and otherwise provide a little harmless entertainment for other musicians like myself and the rest of the world.  This is not the place to assassinate the character of a particular venue, owner, manager, sound man, waitress, bartender, yokel, hooligan or officer of the law.  So, do not, repeat, do not use the venue’s name and/or street address or the full name of anyone else involved except your own.  If I’m in a cheery mood w/time to spare, I will edit your submission and post it if it’s otherwise suitable.  If I’m my usual foul, mean-tempered, grumpy, time-constrained self, I will consign it to the Bit Bucket and alert the Hounds of Satan to come to you in the dead of night and steal all of your beer.  You have been warned. (For those of you who do not drink beer–are you sure you’re a working musician?)
  • My submission format is this:  no indents; single space between sentences; double space between paragraphs; run your own spell check; this is a PG-13 kind of forum so keep adult language to a minimum.  It’s pretty basic–so simple, in fact, even a drummer could do it . . . with a little help from the keyboard guy and the FOH sound guy . . . and maybe his mom . . . the drummer’s mom, not the sound guy’s . . .

Ok people, that’s it.  Follow the rules and have fun!



Posted February 14, 2012 by bluesdawg

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